1-2006 IHC 5600i Mixer Truck with 10.5 yd MTM Mixer
2006 IHC 5600i 6J206314 2020-05-21 002.j

Used Mixer Truck

in Minnesota

Welsh Equipment, Inc. currently has 1-2006 IHC 5600i concrete mixer with 11 yd mixer in stock.


The complete concrete mixer specifications are listed below. For more information about the IHC concrete mixer listed here, please contact our sales department today!



Minnesota Sales

Office Phone:507-374-2261

Rick Welsh

Cell: 507-951-1085


Jacob Snyder

Cell: 507-951-7799


Truck Specifications 

Make: IHC

Model: 5600i

Wheel Base: 224"

Frame: Double Steel

Engine: ISM Cummins

Transmission: RTO14909ALL

Front Axle: 20,000

Rear Axle: RT46-160 

Suspension: Chalmers

Paint Color: -

Front Wheels: Steel Pilot

Front Tires: 425x22.5

Tread %: -

Rear Wheels: Steel Pilot

Rear Tires: -

Tread %: -

Mileage/Hours: -

Fuel Tanks: -

Comments: -

Mech Notes: -

Mixer Specifications 

Make: MTM

Drum Size: 10.5 yd

Water Tank: 150

Drum Condition: -

Extra Axles: pusher axle

Price: Upon Request